Everyday countless individuals are seriously injured while visiting an apartment complex, shopping center, nightclub or other business establishment. Often these injuries are a result of an assault or battery and could have been avoided if the owner or manager of the property had taken the necessary precautions to protect the safety of those who come upon their property. In fact, in the State of Florida a landowner owes a duty of care to implement reasonable measures to protect visitors on their property.

However, despite knowledge of previous attacks or violent incidents on their property, many landowners still fail to place basic security measures on their property such as sufficient lightening, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, or periodic security personnel on their property. Their negligence sometime lead to innocent and unsuspecting visitors being shot, robbed, raped, or severely beaten. These incidents are avoidable.

If you or someone you know has been attacked, assaulted, or injured while visiting someone else’s property or a business establishment or apartment complex, our law firm can help. You may be entitled to damages for your physical injuries, pain and suffering, loss wages, emotional damages and for your medical bills. We have worked on a multitude of these cases and have obtained very favorable results for our clients. Each case will be personally handled by a lawyer and will not be designated to case manager, secretary, or paralegal. You will receive the highest quality personalized legal representation for your case. ┬áPLEASE CAL US AT 407-481-8103 for a free consultation.