General Practice typically encompasses a broad range of areas. General practice attorneys like those at the ALLEN FIRM are considered full service lawyers and are qualified to handle cases having to do with employment, personal injury, business dealings, contracts, arbitration and mediation, civil rights and litigation representation.

The attorneys and staff at the ALLEN FIRM have a broad range of knowledge through education and experience in the legal field. General practitioners in law usually have a few preferred areas of interest, for example, at the ALLEN FIRM, we focus on employment law, civil rights law and personal injury law but also keep a broad range of clients in different areas of representation. For instance, we represent clients in defamation actions, Whistle Blower and Qui Tam Claims, contract matters, fraud claims and labor issues such as the overtime claims as well. The attorneys at the ALLEN FIRM keep up with the statutes and regulations across the nation as we are permitted pro hoc to practice in Federal Courts across the country and we constantly update our practice with the knowledge we use through furthering our education through CLE (continuing legal education) classes and various seminars.

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